It's great when a lookbook gives you hope...

The recent festival announcements (Field Day, Iceland ATP) have made me daydream about next summer. Hanging out in the future like a chocolate bar that won't fall into the hatch of a vending machine, it's just out of reach on the other side of Christmas. Plus, we still have to get through January and February which usually feels never ending, like purgatory or getting lost in Ikea. Still it is as inevitable as buying tea candles at the Ikea check-out.

The 2014 Spring/Summer lookbook from French label Monsieur Lacenaire makes a total lack of vitamin D so much more bearable. It's cheerful, summery and includes beards and ice lollies - a pleasant but tricky combination. There are some natty details, such as the turn ups on those shorts and shirt, and some of the colours look like they came straight off a nobbly bobbly lolly. Speaking of nobbly, those shorts are a very relaxed cut which would make them a great summer basic.

It's nice to think that in about seven or so months, we'll once again be congregating in the park with everyone else, in a kind of summer 'Where's Wally' type scenario. If the clothes being sported are like this, it will be a very stylish scene. Caveat; this is all weather dependent, of course.