The world of fashion never stops, so I'm back after an illness/house move hiatus (yeah I know nobody noticed) to share some sartorial samples. The latest collaboration between Supreme and Levis is a proper eye-catcher. I mean, an eye-catcher in a semi-tasteful and comfortable way, not like catching site of a tramp defecating in the park or being suddenly distracted by a clip of R. Kelly and Gaga's latest onslaught awkwardness.

This fall 13/14 capsule collection's pretty out there in that it has got an element of Tropic Thunder about it, with the playful camouflage graphics on multiple pieces and the inclusion of a safari hat. Who will dare to wear this in the urban jungle? A head turning choice of headwear for a lunchtime jaunt to Greggs perhaps? You could go wild and team it with the jacket and trousers to make a full suit, but, unless your first name's Pharrell and last name's Williams, people will probably avoid sitting near you on the bus. Less is more folks. As separate items they are good statement pieces, and the neutral palette makes them surprisingly wearable.

For those wanting something a bit less Jungle Jim meets G.I Joe than the patterned dungarees (do it though please) there's the classic Levi's denim shirt. This is a shirt as reliable as your Nan's roast dinner but with an added bonus of an internal lining of the signature camo print. It's like uncovering an extra chipolata hidden among the roasties.

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