I can't abide white jeans. They remind me of lunching mums in Kensington and how a girl in primary school teamed them with a Man Utd shirt (shudder). Then there's the potential stains and the faff of washing them.

My stormy relationship with white denim recently turned a corner though, thanks to the S/S 14 collection from Cheap Monday. I'm referring to one particular outfit here, white denim shorts and a jacket. Typical of this clean Swedish brand, the cut is strong and understated and there's an early 90s Fresh Prince vibe going on.

It's like a casual denim suit; a suit for those that don't commute. I can get behind that. It also looks fit in black, and is off course unisex - so men, women and unicorns (probably not unicorns really) can prance about in it.

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