I was starting to doubt that anything or anyone was going to make this season's mid-calf cut appealing or wearable. Miu Miu did a good job, sending some pretty nice midi-skirts down the runway, but in the 'real world' you saunter about thinking you have the sex appeal of Mad Men's Joan Holloway when in reality you actually more closely resemble Mrs Doubtfire. This cut of skirt can induce some serious elephant kankles and that's definitely not going to get you much action under the mistletoe this Noël. That was until I stumbled upon the latest collection from Milan based label Anteprima.

The first thing that caught my eye was the makeup. I can always get behind a bold lip and a pale face in winter. Then I saw the clothes. Designer Ozumi Igino has worked some serious sartorial magic here with bold silhouettes, 1940s cuts meeting 1980s references (jumpsuits); heavy winter fabrics and the use of mixture of textures to ensure a simple and sophisticated palette stays interesting. An emphasis on the waist makes challenging hemlines totally workable and, boy, am I looking forward to working this collection this winter. Think Hitchcock-ian glamour with modern proportions and cover those shins to stay sassy. Plus it's warmer than a mini-skirt.

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