It seems that joining forces is the name of the game in 2014 with teaming up with Spotify, making music all the more accessible, fresh and exciting as a result. It's all about tracking trends, so what happens when such great collaborations occur in fashion?

A dandy little capsule collection it seems. Following those beyond amazing Nike Dunks that came out of their last collaboration, Berlin streetwear retailer Civilist have once again teamed up with Nike SB. Just look at the beautiful garments - tees, a zip-up hoodie, and a coach jack. Simple, wearable and hard-wearing, with a graphic retro feel this offerings ticking boxes by the bucket load. Artist Evan Hecox took his signature typography and redesigned the Chocolate Chunk logo into the "Chunk of Berlin" Civilist logo. They look a little like they've been bought in the gift shop at the Pompidou and this is a good thing! This collection's refined, simple and guaranteed to make people want to collaborate with you when you wear them in 2014.

Available over at Civilist and soon at Munich's SHRN.