Valentine's Day is an event that looms in dreary February like a mouldy avocado festering at the back of the fridge. It serves the purpose of filling corporate pockets, putting pressure on couples and reminding single people that, well, they are indeed very alone. If you're sensible you will dodge the couples arguing at tables in cramped, overpriced restaurants that they didn't even want to eat in in the first place because 'somebody' forgot to book. You'll steer clear of overdraft smashing river cruises and nausea inducing themed nights. You'll have a good Friday night instead.

Valentine's is like New Year or the sequel to an amazing film, often underwhelming because of too much expectation. Couples, you don't have to go out and single people, you can. You're not lepers. It's just another Friday so sod it, do whatever you want. If we need a set day to remember to appreciate somebody we care about by buying a heart shaped box of okay chocolates then there's little hope really.

Whilst dodging the clichés, may I suggest that you wear one of the few good things to come out of this cringe fest of a day. Diamond Supply Co. have teamed up with Ibn Jasper to create this very nice trainer. It's red and on limited release for Valentine's day but avoids being naff because it is in this season's colour and it has the bonus detail of a gold zip. These beauties will stay with you longer than any bad calzone you could wash down with cheap Prosecco tonight

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