Tenured professor, Geoffrey Miller, tweeted "Dear obese PhD applicants: if you didn't have the willpower to stop eating carbs, you won't have the willpower to do a dissertation #truth" back on June 2nd. After two months of deception and a minor internet uproar, Miller's institution, University of New Mexico, completed their investigation and have censured Miller.

Tweets like this are not uncommon for trolls, internet tough people or uncompromising high schoolers. However, a tweet like this coming from an academic is not only shocking but also idiotic. Miller earned tenure at University of New Mexico and his particular expertise is in evolutionary psychology. His legacy up to this point was based in his Ig Nobel award in economics for his discovery that involves female lap dancers earning more tips when they are ovulating.

This bigoted tweet raised many concerns from the Twitter science community, questioning whether Miller had wrongfully rejected incoming graduate students when he served on the UNM admissions board and whether this fat-shaming has impacted Miller's judgement, which would be against UNM's ethical guidelines and bylaws.

Miller's initial defense was hours after the tweet in question was posted, in which Miller first deleted the tweet and then apologised -- stating it was insensitive and wrong. He turned his Twitter account private soon thereafter. Days later, UNM received an official statement from Miller, indicating the tweet was a part of research he was conducting.

At this time, Miller was a visiting professor at New York University. Both UNM and NYU have institutional review boards who carefully review any sort of research that would even come close to an ethical dilemma. Stating comments of bigotry definitely falls within the "full committee review" boundaries. However, neither UNM or NYU had existing protocol submitted by Miller that would approve him of such research.

UNM on August 6th released a statement declaring Miller's wrongdoing, including faculty handbook violations regarding ethics, rights and responsibilities -- on top of lying about research. A censure is the academic version of a yellow card, in which Miller will now have to be more mindful and have more restrictions upon him if he is to live out the rest of his days as a professor at UNM. These restrictions include: no longer serving on any admissions committees for the rest of his time at UNM; going through sensitivity training in regards to people with obesity and apologising to his department and colleagues for his behaviour.

Miller was also acquitted of all charges regarding discrimination against obese students due to a lack of evidence.

The UNM psychology department chair, Jane Ellen Smith, is also bringing in an obesity stigma expert to help educate the UNM community.

Cyber bullying has been a hot topic for the media, especially with the recent deaths linked to cyber bullying, which is why Geoffrey Miller's incident is a shocking reveal. The stereotypical cyber bully is a person who sits behind their computer or is on their phone, sometimes anonymously, and says heinous things to their victims -- normally lines they would never say to their victims to their face. The age range of a stereotypical cyberbully is usually under 20 years old. And generally, the stereotypical cyber bully doesn't have a Ph.D, is not a tenured professor, does not research the psychology of strippers, or tries to ruin their career in 140 characters. Usually. But I could be wrong.