It's Father John Misty's performance and he can dance how he wants to. At least, that was the whole idea until an unpleased fan wrote to Sub Pop Records about his distaste for the artist's moves.

This man really had the audacity to write to the label founder Jonathan Poneman to complain. Read his ridiculous letter below.

Re: Father John Misty Joshua Tillman’s On-Stage Gesticulations/Antics

Dear Poneman, I recently returned from Sasquatch Music Festival which I attended with my wife, seventeen year old son, and his friend. I was looking forward to Father John Misty’s performance. As usual, Sub Pop continues to identify and develop talented artists, and I would place Father John Misty at the top of any list.

Unfortunately, Mr. Joshua Tillman’s “dancing” took away from an otherwise fantastic show. I believe my wife said it best: “His dancing is a cross between Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character in Boogie Nights and the serial killer in Silence Of The Lambs. If Mr. Tillman’s dancing is the result of a medical condition, I apologize. If the dancing is within his control, please tell him less is more. I remain a fan of Father John Misty, Mr. Tillman, and your label.

Sincerely, Charles