Written by Dan McAlister Recently I discovered a band on a Spotify list that got me thinking about an ex-band. The now defunct Hotsnakes reminded me of the singer’s former band – the brilliant Rocket From The Crypt. Man what a band – quiffs, riffs and lyrics to boot.
I saw them at the Conor Hall in Belfast just before they split. At least I think I did. My top gigs of all time are: 1. U2 at Slane Castle (home soil and Bono burying his father the day before), 2. The International Noise Conspiracy at Liverpool’s Carling Academy (One of the greatest front men around) 3. Therapy? At Queens University Belfast, 4. Paul McCartney at the RDS in Dublin and 5. I’m sure that RFTC should be in there as well, but the gig eludes me. Thinking about this I posted on a social network site asking friends; “What is your favourite gig of all time that you cannot remember?” People replied in their tens. I got some well-known artists thrown back along with the obscure but the three that stood out were Pearl Jam, David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen at the San Siro Stadium. Imagine travelling all the way to Italy to see The Boss in a stadium that oozes atmosphere even on telly like the San Siro, in what surely must have been a religious experience and not being able to remember it now? Or how about missing Ziggy Stardust even though you were there in front of him? One guy who I haven’t seen in a very long time posted that he was at the gig that I couldn’t remember with me, which was a shocker. A friend also posted about going to see Derren Brown where he tries to make the audience forget the show. I must ask him how that went as he has failed to tell me. So 405 readers what is your favourite gig that should be in your top 5 but due to maybe one two many or just the passing of time you cannot now recall?