My favourite live experience has to be Charles Bradley at Secret Solstice festival in Iceland, 2015. My friend told me about him and begged me not to miss this concert. I'm really glad to have discovered Charles Bradley. The sound was perfect. Often in concerts, the bass is too boomy, especially at outdoor festivals. But not this time. I felt I was in a studio in the '70s. Everything was really punchy clean and distorted at the same time. This was one of a few concerts in my life where I stayed put throughout.

I remember the band set up had screaming Charles Bradley at the front, two guitar players, one bass player, drums, organ player and two guys playing horns, trumpet and saxophone. Charles got my attention with his raw soul voice, the pure power of emotion was something spiritual.

Júníus Meyvant’s new album Across The Borders is out now via Record Records. Listen to 'High Alert' below.