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It's a song that's been sung a million times before, the one about love; and you could be mistaken for thinking that a million times is enough. Yet love is an irrational beast that fights with no sense of mercy and it's encouraging once in a while to know that someone else is on your side. Loom is a tapestry of sounds and emotions to hold you when you're lost and don't know where to turn: "I can help you when you're down and out" they sing on 'Seer'.

Fear of Men feel your euphoria: "Our live's contracted / I'm not alone in this" they sing in 'Waterfall'. "I'm not alone in this" they almost rush and run in a warped, reversed soundscape that marks the foreboding of the lyric: "Take me to the waterfall / When it's over." Despite the twists throughout the album as the story develops, reliving all that was right and wrong, the end is marked in an isolated epiphany: "If you never leave me I'll never understand you / Because I'll never know what I could have been without you."

Despite the musical ecstasy, the overbearing feeling throughout is one of being crushed: "I sink like a stone with all your weight upon me." This unfortunately is overly reflected in the murkiness of the production, which heavily disguises all sorts of wonderful things happening between the layers. A low level murmur often overrides the more expressive licks and beats throughout the album giving a sensation of listening underwater. This may be a purposeful attempt in order to mirror the lyrics that so often linger "under the waves" an aural haze that comes from being "asleep in the green", though it would be great if this wasn't such an omnipresent feature, as it disguises much of the dynamic.

There is no denying that Loom is a beautifully fragile album. For any artists starting out it is always going to be difficult to "say what [they] mean in a vitrine", but this pensive debut bravely gives insight to a mind that's almost afraid of being found out: "My twin saw the worst in me, the way I saw myself." These are the words of someone who writes to understand herself, and hopefully she'll continue to delve further into her own psyche, which will in turn aid us in unearthing our own.

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