A little more than a year since the release of its debut LP Deer Keeps Pace, the Portland indie pop band TENTS is back with a new single, 'Medicine,' the emotionally resonant title track from the band's forthcoming album.

'Medicine' sounds like the product of optimistic people who have been marinating in melancholy. There is an implacable sense of sadness throughout the verses, as the group reflects on the temporary nature of life. But the chorus bursts forth with life, celebrating the moments and feelings that give everything meaning.

Many bands aim to find the perfect balance of pensive sadness and jubilant optimism, but TENTS is one of the very few that can actually claim they've succeeded. And the success goes beyond this title track; the rest of Medicine is delightful, offering listeners a collection as thoughtful as it is delightful.

TENTS' sophomore LP Medicine is due out Oct. 11 via Badman Recording Co. In the meantime, you can purchase the song here.