The Ethiopian-born, Boston-raised artist Felege is a multi-talented tour de force. For his powerful new single 'WUHA,' Felege not only wrote, produced and engineered the song, he also directed and animated the incredible video.

According to Felege, 'WUHA' -- which translates to "water" in the Ethiopian language of Amharic -- took over a year to process and create. The music is an intricate blend of American hip-hop beats and traditional Ethiopian melodies.

"Each section of the song is a different anecdote that sheds light on the pressures I face in my life -- pressures from society, from my religion and even from within myself," explains Felege. "Similarly, the visuals are partitioned into different environments which speak to the challenges I faced as I immigrated to a different country and to the nuanced relationship I share with my motherland."

You can stream 'WUHA' by Felege up above. Listeners can expect a new EP, Dextro, early next year.