Polish PC Music producer felicita recently announced a new album called hej!, for release on August 3rd. She has already shared the cavernous Caroline Polachek collaboration 'marzipan' from the album, and today she shares a new couplet that offer different aspects of their creator's mind, 'coughing up amber' and 'shook'.

felicita tells us this about the tracks:

1. ‘coughing up amber’ began life as ‘coughing up pearls’ on the felicita EP a new family (2016). It was reworked for the soft power dance piece, and rose back to life for hej! It changes form three times, ending with Caroline Polachek’s voice.

2. ‘shook’ speaks for itself.

'coughing up amber' is a glitzy electro bounce - but only to lure you in. Before long it has engorged you in an organic and freaky sound collage that sounds like a whirlwind ride through some kind of rave cult. The energy remains but it's joined by acidic bells, grinding textures and organic yelps, all plucked and manipulated masterfully by felicita. All this tension is then let out in a wild shriek from Caroline Polachek. 'shook', as felicita says, speaks for itself in a fuzzy jungle-esque two minute package.

Both tracks come with incredible animations from felicita; have a watch below.

felcita's debut album hej! comes out August 3rd on PC Music.