Anglo-Polish producer felicita has been lurking in the recesses of experimental music for some years now, coming closer to the surface of recognition with her 2017 mixtape ecce homo, which garnered much deserved praise. She has now revealed that she will be releasing her debut album on PC Music called "hej!" on August 3rd, and the lead single from the project should help to raise even more awareness of felicita's work as it features Caroline Polachek of Chairlift.

This is not the kind of space we're used to hearing Polachek in though; for 'marzipan' felicita has created a vast and spacious soundscape with skeletal piano and a lot of echo. Polachek matches the mood with operatic vocals, which flutter and swirl around the space, echoes overlapping with echoes to create a haunting mist - akin to some of the work done by Arca on his recent self-titled album. The elements of electronic sound that we know from felicita are kept on the peripheries, but their subtlety does not undermine their importance to the stripped-back composition. Listen below.

Check out the video for 'marzipan' below, which features Polachek. Beneath that you can see a brief Q&A between Caroline and felicita about the new album.

Caroline asks felicita about the project:

If I play the narrator, where is felicita? - C

felicita is whispering the story into your ear. - f

Did you enjoy being frightened by anything as a child? - C

I remember being frightened by, but enjoying: fireworks, sleepwalking, being lost on the beach, ‘scary sounding music’ (Captain Beefheart), mushrooms. - f

There are thousands of versions of był sobie król ("marzipan"), but I know your interested in making things that are new. Is the oldness of the song included in your idea of newness, or is it more a structure for throwing new sounds and contexts into clearer juxtaposition? - C

Sometimes feeling good about something old for the first time is new. Sometimes newness comes through personal conflict and breakthrough, which can be felt in the work by others. Sometimes newness is trying to consciously reconfigure reality according to different ideas. Sometimes two people impulsively deciding to make something together that has no context or reason to exist can produce something new. Sometimes jumping around and yelling and stamping the floor in a studio with the mic left on until one of you falls into a chair and they both laugh is new. Sometimes it’s fine if things aren’t new if they still feel good. Newness can be deceptive sometimes. – f