Over the weekend, Swedish police reported at least 27 cases of sexual assault against girls or young women at the Putte I Parken festival in southern Sweden, where the youngest victim was just 12 years old. "The description of the perpetrators is diverse, with the one common denominator being that these are all young men," the police said, while stating that seven men are being sought out in connection with the attacks.

After reaching out to festival organisers for comment, festival director Niclas Lagerstam responded with a very telling statement. "I think it's terrible, that men cannot behave," he said. "The festival in general is a very safe place to be. It's not more dangerous than walking on the street. We have a high security on our site and we will keep it safe even in the future. The sexual assaults are not a festival problem. It's a problem for the whole society and has been for 100 of years. We need to educate our kids how to behave."

He urges anyone with more information or other assaults to come forward to work with police. "I think it is really good that we encourage the girls together with police and guards that they should report this assaults. Also that media is reporting on it. So we are working with this as good as we can from our side," he said.