Indietracks is an indie pop festival based in the Midland Railway Centre in Derbyshire. Synonymous with uber-catchy indie pop, hugely queer inclusive curations and general friendliness, it's one of very few festivals that can safely be billed as 'pleasant'. Celebrating their tenth anniversary in 2016, Indietracks have put together one of the most impressive bills you're likely to see. Queer pop legends The Spook School make their much-deserved leap to the top of the bill to headline the Friday night, while St Etienne and The Aislers Set top the bill on the Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Elsewhere, the bill is stacked with some of the most exciting underground and DIY bands in the country and beyond (see Spain's wonderful Jessica and the Fletchers, and the excellently named Humousexual). One of the most heartwarming aspects of Indietracks is that the bands seem to relish it just as much as any other punters. Below are some of the acts personal must-see lists; and the occasional haiku.

The Spook School recommend:

Expert Alterations

Baltimore's finest and loveliest folk. If their sweet and winsome smiles don't win you over then their jangle pop will. This is their first time playing in the UK and if you would like to impress them then pretending to be a former member of The Fall or letting them know you once shook David Gedge's hand are surefire winners. Patrick also wears a lovely jacket.

Song to make you want to hold their hand and talk about cultural differences like how they drive on the wrong side of the road: 'You Can't Always Be Liked'.

Chrissy Barnacle

An official bisexual role-model who combines dreamy vocals and hilarious deconstructions of her songs. We also saw her roll a selection of fruit onto an unwitting dance floor once. Expect your heart to soar, then be broken, and then rejuvenated with vitamin C you've found on the floor.

Song to eat crushed fruit to whilst being a fellow bisexual role model: 'Hazelnuts'

Two White Cranes

Raise your fists in the air! And your lighters too! Try not to burn your hands! Roxy is going to make you punch the air and do that thing you see in music DVDs where people waggle fire in a quiet song, but at the same time! Expect us to be screaming "MORE RESILIENCE THAN EXPECTED" even during the songs that don't have those lyrics.

Song to shout along to very emotionally whilst trying to conceal tears in your eyes: 'Resilience'


Their interests include "Cher, bird watching, castrating men on full moons, and pizza." What's not to love! Their song 'Transition' is an official banger. We made them a certificate and everything. BANGER. We'll be presenting them with their award during their set.

Song to nod your head too and lean over to a friend to say 'I heard The Spook School gave them a BANGER certificate for this': 'Transition'

Haiku Salut recommend (via haikus)


  • Brain lost and found in
  • a digital maze of yelps
  • and breakneck trumpets.

The Lovely Eggs

  • Sugar-tinted punk,
  • Nonsensical metaphors,
  • Unity feelings.

Chrissy Barnacle

  • Soul soother who talks
  • the hind leg off a donkey.
  • Has a super fringe.

Trust Fund

  • Sad words are sung to
  • a supermarket backdrop:
  • makes the heartbreak real

Trust Fund recommend

The Spook School

As well as being the nicest bunch of kids around, their songwriting is undeniable, and when you see them play it really hits home how well you know all of their songs. Also, you notice who dancey they are. Look how much you're dancing! They're playing last on the friday night and I think it's gonna be very special.

Alimony Hustle

We toured with these two last year and they are so smart musically. I don't think I've seen a two-piece that had such a good understanding of how to work together and do 'textures' and stuff. I just think that is pretty rare amongst the bands that will be here. No offence, like. the songwriting is also obviously great.


Another set of touring pals. The songs are brutal and devastating, and the pacing is spot on. Especially with the slow songs, everything unfolds exactly right and it is heartbreaking.

There are lots of other people that I would recommend seeing because basically it is a very well-chosen line-up, including: Two White Cranes, Chrissy Barnacle, Haiku Salut, and a bunch more.

Two White Cranes recommend:


Dirtygirl write very very good songs with very catchy hooks which is what I really want out of life. The vocals are extremely enticing and all four of them are utter legends.

Alimony Hustle

OMG, Alimony Hustle are so incredibly good. They consist of my friends Matt and Leah and the bond between them is so strong and pure and true and it really reverberates out through the music. The songs are emo, anthemic bangers and both of them are just so talented. Also,they do a lot of really great covers which for me is the mark of a band that really cares about its audience having a good time.

The Spook School

The Spook School made one of my favourite albums of last year (Try To Be Hopeful) and are always a treat live. They play fast loud but very melodic indie-pop and make music which is personal and political in a way that is not embarrassing for anyone involved which is pretty impressive. I like it when Adam jumps up and down.

Chrissy Barnacle

Beautiful voice, incredible guitar skills, phenomenal drinker. A good time is very much guaranteed with Chrissy B.

Indietracks 2016 takes place on the 29th - 31st of July, at the Midland Railway Centre in Derbyshire. Tickets are available from here (remember to purchase a seperate camping ticket, too!). Full details of the festival can be found here