Margate’s Dreamland has become a regular location for one-day festivals in the last couple of years, and its popularity is justifiably increasing as each new summer season rolls around. It’s a stroll from the sunny sands of the Kent seaside, offers a plethora of classic fairground attractions – and that’s even before we start to talk about the music on offer at their events.

In the years they’ve had gigs at Dreamland there have undoubtedly been some great ones, but perhaps nobody better suits the hosting role than Mac DeMarco. The charismatic Canadian has a funfair-type persona, sometimes seems to be several wacky characters built into one – and he has garnered such adoration that he could probably have singlehandedly sold out the event on his own.

However, he’s curated an excellent day of music to warm up his followers throughout the afternoon; here’s what you can expect to see at Mac DeMarco… Will See You Now on Saturday June 29th.


Yellow Days

If you drag yourself off the beach early enough in the afternoon you’ll find yourself in a different type of haze while chilling with Yellow Days. George van den Broek is also a seasider, hailing from Brighton, and his blissed out, soul-inflected bedroom jams refract and shimmer with the tides of his emotions. With it now having been a couple of years since his debut album Is Everything Okay In Your World? we can hope to hear some new cuts on this outing.

Amyl and the Sniffers

Following a whirlwind couple of years which saw the Australian punks pick up rabid support for their EPs and torrential live performances, Amyl and the Sniffers just released their debut album a couple of weeks ago. The self-titled collection capitalises on the dynamics and tightness they’ve cultivated over their whirlwind trajectory, funnelling it into 12 songs in less than 30 minutes. There’s still nothing quite getting a huff of the stuff in live form though, and Amyl and the Sniffers are guaranteed to give the Margate afternoon and severe perking up at Dreamland.

Girl Ray

A couple of years on from their sun-kissed debut record Earl Grey, London’s Girl Ray will be coming to the summer stage with some expectation. The whimsy of Earl Grey will undoubtedly float beautifully on the coastal winds, but this may be an opportunity for them to give maiden voyage to some new material. Whatever they decide to play, this is likely to be one of the most picturesque and placid segments of the day.


Last year’s debut album Devotion was a breakout moment for Londoner Tirzah - but a subtle one. As many die-hard fans as there’ll be in Margate, there will likely be even more who are yet to catch the bug from her skeletal and personal tracks. Regardless, the charm of her honest missives is unlikely to be lost on anyone on this occasion, and an afternoon in Margate could be just the unexpected time and place for a new bout of Tirzah love to break out.

Thurston Moore

Ex-Sonic Youth leader Thurston Moore certainly has nothing to prove after 30+ years of music – but he certainly has plenty to play. With a solo repertoire that is now reaching the depths of his former band, he could draw from several eras of his music when he takes to the stage. What can be guaranteed is that this will be one for the guitar-heads, with Moore likely to jam out in the most concordant manner – and certainly bring along a sublime cast of supporting musicians to ensure that the vibe is well and truly sustained throughout the afternoon.

Aldous Harding

With the release of second full-length Designer only recently in the rearview, New Zealand songwriter Aldous Harding comes into this set on the crest of a wave. Almost certain to be playing the late afternoon/early evening slot, her eccentric and mischievous avant-folk ballads should find a captive audience on this occasion. Harding has the magnetism to be the calm before the storm on the day – not that there won’t be some turbulence in her emotionally wrought set too.

Mac DeMarco

Then, of course, there is the man we’ve all come to see. Mac DeMarco is no stranger to headlining festivals by now, and any who saw his uproarious set at End Of The Road in 2017 will know that his knack for showmanship has not subsided one bit. His recent records, including this year’s Here Comes The Cowboy may show a more mellow side of the singer, but his devilish spirit is still intact – and he’ll be exorcising it on the stage on this night, no doubt. It should be the crowning moment on top of a glorious British summer Saturday by the seaside.


Other appearances on the day come from Kirin J. Callahan and Blueprint Blue.

Tickets for Mac DeMarco… Will See You Now start from £40 and are available here.