There's only one acceptable way to end off Summer '16 and that's a pilgrimage to sand and sea. Add genre-blending music from some of the year's most prolific up-and-coming hip-hop, grime, reggae and electronic artists and you've got Outlook Festival.

For four days, thousands of bass heads from all over the world will invade the small coastal town of Pula in Croatia on what may just be the most stunning spot for a festival imaginable. There you'll find a 2000-year-old Roman amphitheatre, crumbling moats from a 19th century fort and beach/boat parties in and on the crystal clear Adriatic Sea.

So the stage is certainly set for deep vibrations at this year's Outlook Festival from August 31 to September 4 and this is what we're most looking forward to:

. . . . . . . . . . . . .


Miss Dark Wave Duchess released her new Princess EP earlier this summer and proved that she's a different type of talent that we should all keep an eye on. Luckily, we'll be able to do exactly that in person when she takes the stage in Croatia to deliver eccentric dystopian R&B tracks likes 'CRYBABY' and 'U KNO.'


Croatia is about to get #MERKY and it's about to be a #PROBLEM. There's no denying that this year belongs to Stormzy. We've seen his face on magazine covers, we've heard his voice take over Beats 1 and we've seen him tour the world without having even dropped an album. Now the grime emcee is about to make Outlook festival his with what can only be predicted as a scary set.

Little Simz

Little Simz is king. She claimed it on last's years incredible album A Curious Tale of Trials and Persons and proved it by travelling the world on tour and smashing show after show. In the process, she's transitioned into something of an unstoppable force whose sure to shut down Outlook at the end of the month.

Damian Marley

Do we really have to talk about how legendary Damien Marley is and the good vibes that will be passed around during the opening night ceremony when he takes the stage? Not only is he Bob Marley's son but his own incredible career has earned him the title as one of the most world-renowned reggae artists ever. Plus, he has a new album on the way so there may be new tunes to look forward to.


Kano's most recent album Made in the Manor was nominated for the Mercury Prize shortlist this year. Congrats to one of grime's pioneers for finally getting acknowledgement from the mainstream music industry for his witty bars and charismatic delivery. It's no longer possible to ignore grime's global takeover. So it's safe to say we'll be celebrating when Kano takes the stage during Outlook week.

AJ Tracey

There will be no leaving AJ Tracey alone, we're about to be all over this set. The West London grime artist is in the middle of his breakout year, earning worldwide notoriety for tracks like 'Spirit Bomb' and 'Thiago Silva' so we're expecting a raw performance from a young artist with a whole lot of life and energy in him to bring his hard-hitting tracks to life.

Lady Leshurr

How mad do you think the men on the schedule are going to be when they realise Lady Leshurr is about to shut down the entire festival? The eccentric and lovely Birmingham rapper is all set to deliver a dose of real with her Queens Speech truth-bombs and contagious songs like the Wiley-accompanied 'Where Are You Now?' and we're ready for the sass.

Section Boyz

From 'Lock Arf' to 'Trapping Ain't Dead' to 'Bimma,' there may not be a Roman amphitheatre left with the South London rap crew get through with Croatia. The moat might crumble. The sea may revolt in a tidal wave. We wouldn't expect anything less.

Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$ is a touring staple. Chances are, you haven't really been to a hip-hop festival in the summer if the New York rapper wasn't on the bill. After watching the baritone-voiced emcee make his cameo appearances on Mr. Robot this season, it's good to see Joey back where he belongs: on stage.