Ahead of their Standon Calling date this year, we caught up with Trophy Wife. Having tracked their wonderful acoustic math rock influenced pop right from the off at The 405, we felt it would be a good idea to catch up and chat to them about festivals, Foals and the future.

What do you think of playing festivals? Are they better or worse than indoor gigs?

It' is obviously a different ball game to indoor gigs which is what sets them apart and makes them special. There's a sense of entering the unknown because each one is different and you don't have any time to soundcheck and you've usually drunk most of your complimentary Tuborg by the time you get onstage. This is actually our first summer of festivals so we're pretty excited.


How did you come to play Standon Calling? Were you fans of the festival before?


We were asked to play quite early on I think. We have been here a couple of times in the past when we were in Jonquil and it's an interesting place to come. Not many festivals have an open air swimming pool, an indoor cinema and a stately manor house on site. There's always a good number of brand new bands on the line up too.

Do you think your proximity to Foals affected you? Or did you both influence each other?

We've been friends with Foals for many years. They've helped us out a lot and supported us right from the beginning. We lived in a big shared house a while back and shared a record collection in the living room. They've inspired us as musicians as indeed they have many others.

Microlite is a stunning song - what's the story behind it? How did you write it?

We were living on a road in Oxford at the time called 'Hollow Way'. It was written very early on in our existence. It's about a dream- taking flight on a journey and being lost but somehow that becomes beautiful. We liked the metaphor of a 'Microlite' - this fragile, precarious form of transport.

A lot of people lump you in with the post math rock sort of sound with Foals etc - do you think that fair? How would you describe yourselves?

I don't think we'd refer to ourselves as post math rock. To us at least, Math rock is stuff like Oxes and Hella- kind of hyper technical anti-pop music with irregular time signatures. We're trying to make pop music I guess. Back in 2005 there was a flourishing post rock/mathcore scene in our hometown that we were very much a part of in our old band. I think people grew tired of how obscure and elitist it felt though. It's essentially music that has been made for other musos to appreciate and no one else.

Has the oxford scene inspired you, or are you detached from it? 

There's a good vibe here at the moment. People are doing things their own way. There's kind of a subculture emerging. Everybody is sick of going to the same old venues and bars and are trying to do something new and different. There's even an underground dining scene emerging. We're certainly not detached from it as we grew up playing in bands here and have seen bands achieve things beyond the city walls which inspires you and makes things seem possible. Naming no names. (I'm looking at you, Radiohead).

Who would be your ideal collaborator, alive or dead?

David Byrne

What's next from you? Have you got plans for an album yet? 


We're finishing a new EP at the moment which will hopefully be out at the end of the summer after we've done a string of other festival dates. After that we'll go away somewhere to make a record.

What up and coming bands should we be looking out for?

You should endeavour check out Ghostpoet, Solid Gold Dragons and Glass Animals.

You can catch Trophy Wife at Standon Calling next month. More information can be found from www.standon-calling.com/.