While Fetty Wap has been pretty quiet this year, everything was all about the Remy Boyz just last year when 'Trap Queen' and '679' were on repeat. But now, it looks like Fetty is in some hot water, as he's being sued over his number one hit single.

Danish musician, Lazar Lakic has sued Fetty and his producer Tony Fadd with a claim that he originally "purchased the exclusive rights to 'Trap Queen's instrumental." That means he legally should have received some compensation for the song that went 4x platinum, but received nothing instead. Lakic is reportedly suing for profits from the song and he apparently wants all copies of 'Trap Queen' destroyed - because that's realistic.

Fetty's lawyer is claiming the artist has a contract to prove he bought the beat from Fadd. Let's see how this all plays out.