Swedish artist Karin Dreijer, better known as Fever Ray and formerly half of The Knife, is giving one of her most lauded live shows to date a physical and digital release.

Following 2017's Plunge, Dreijer didn't want to set up just any tour. She was sure to develop a performance that spoke to the album's themes, and she sought out women and non-binary individuals to work on and inspire her live show.

She brought on five others to help develop the tour's production and design, with, as a press release explains, "Five out of the six performers involved are around 40 years old, and four of them have children, evidence of Dreijer’s commitment to challenging perceived norms not just around gender, but age, sexuality and motherhood too."

The show proved a powerful success, with audiences and critics alike entranced. It practically demanded a release to allow more of us to hear it, and Live at the Troxy is getting the sort of treatment something of its scale requires, arriving on August 2nd with a Deluxe Triple LP in a triple gatefold sleeve. Get yours!