Chance The Rapper - 'All Night'

This is just such a blatant banger. Pretty much every Uber journey we took in LA was soundtracked by this… the drinking song of choice and probably the most off putting drive of their life.

Clean Cut Kid - 'We Used To Be In Love'

Took these guys out on tour with us at the beginning of the year and this song just reminds us of that awesome month. It's also another certified banger. CCK we ARE in love!

Phantogram - 'You Don’t Get Me High Anymore'

Hoping to see these guys when we do our last album session in LA in October. This song made me fully pause and go "woah….this is like legit amazing."

Chet Faker & Marcus Marr - 'Learning For Your Love'

Another one of those flashback songs. Soundtrack to my writers block country strolling back in January when we wet to a farm house in the middle of nowhere to be creative for a week.

Will Joseph Cook - 'Take Me Dancing'

This track just feels like an instant classic doesn’t it? It's just kinda perfect… romantic and old school but modern and with that whole Darwin Deez weirdness. We're becoming BIG WJC fans!

Youngr - 'Out Of My System'

One of our favourite unapologetically pop, pop songs from the past few months. Our manager had it on repeat driving through Topanga Canyon to Malibu last time in LA. Paints a pretty dreamy picture, huh?

Beatenburg - 'Chelsea Blakemore'

We fell deeply in love with this album last year. It’s just so close to perfection. Intelligent and beautiful. This song is amazing. That's all I can say. Just listen to it. You'll need to hear it about a million times more. I still haven’t had my fill.

Honne feat. Izzy Bizu - 'Someone That Loves You'

Gorgeous sexy Honne with stunning Izzy. Probably my favourite song from their record. Must have seen them about 6 times in the past year… and got to know them a little. I'm just a mad fan girl really.

Francis and the Lights & Bon Iver - 'Friends'

It's always an exciting time hearing about Justin Vernon coming back with new music... but this collaboration was everything I wanted and more. And Kanye wears a badass jacket in the video… and there’s a choreographed dance routine. It has everything!

Nao - 'Girlfriend'

In my top 5 albums of the year. This song reminds me of standing in the rain at field day this year thinking “F**K life is good”.

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