Fiction just walked off stage at the Total Refreshment Centre a few short hours ago, wrapping up their EP Launch Party gig, but now they've already got a tasty treat for you - that aforementioned EP, streaming a few days early! Instant Memories is out on 1 June, but you can listen to it exclusively through us now.

The band say that the title of the EP "points towards the yoking together of past and future. We try to explore these issues playfully and with humour, both critiquing and embracing the idea that 'nothing is new' (itself a phrase as old as the bible)". There are dichotomies present in almost every aspect of the band, from their inspirations to their sounds, which might bring intimate, simple moments together with intricately layered instrumentals in a way that blends together seamlessly - especially on songs like 'Take Your Glasses Off' and 'Best Before'. They're pushing the boundaries of alt-pop one release at a time, and you can stream Instant Memories below!

  • Tour Dates:
  • 1. Half Yawning
  • 2. Best Before
  • 3. Sabbatai Zevi
  • 4. What To Say
  • 5. Take Those Glasses Off

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