We've already gone through all the amazing bands you should catch at Field Day, but what about things to do when you've got some free time at the festival? You could always lounge about in the heatwave we're set to have (as long as the Met Office doesn't Fish it up, touch wood) but Field Day isn't one to be stingy with extracurricular activities.

Though you're slap bang in the middle of East London, with tower blocks rising on the horizon like obelisks, Field Day want to make you feel like you're in a quaint little village in the countryside...only with thumping bass or fuzzy guitars filling the air. Right in the heart of the festival, you'll find yourself surrounded by hay bales and bunting as all sorts of activities prepare to go down; Stars Hollow transported to London.

Open between 1pm and 5pm both days, the "Village Mentality" has everything from egg and spoon races, human steeplechase and a classic tug of war. For those more inclined to stuff their faces in the name of winning stuff, the competitive eating contests are back for another year. Though we don't know what they have planned yet, it hopefully won't be quite as messy as the pie-eating contest from Stand By Me.

If you prefer not to make such a public spectacle of yourself (understandable when I tell you how good the beer selection is), there are smaller sideshows such as Splat The Rat and Lucky Dips to take part in. But these ain't your mother's traditional games, oh no! Rather than winning some tat from the poundshop, you're more likely to net yourself a crate of beer, some special band merchandise and even some special goodies courtesy of Rough Trade. You might still get to win a tea towel, though.

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The music and games are all well and good but what you really need to keep you going is some food. Field Day is not content with serving up sub-par Chinese, soggy chips or greasy, tasteless burgers like most other festivals, thank goodness. In the past few years, Field Day have brought more and more of the most exciting street food vendors right on to the festival site, so you don't have to smuggle in a Boots Meal Deal for when you get peckish. There's a heck of a lot of vendors parking up for the weekend, so let's just pick out a few.

It's important I begin with the phenomenal Anna Mae's Mac and Cheese which is the closest you'll probably get to a pasta and cheese based religious experience. Cooked on site in a massive (and I mean massive) skillet, it's gooey, hearty and, with a number of different toppings including the Don Macaroni (bacon and basil) or the Kanye Western (hot dog slices and BBQ sauce), it's everything you need to soak up any hangover you might be facing.

For something a little bit different, Happy Maki are doing something pretty interesting with their fish-free sushi. Everything is vegan friendly and hand rolled on site. Served as a more of a seaweed wrap to make it a bit easier to eat and using quality fresh ingredients, this is as far from the bland burgers of old you can get.

Clapham butchers Moen & Sons are going to be serving up a hefty herby hog roast to make up for the fact you'll be missing Sunday lunch, while newcomers Crabbie Shack are there to give you a taste of the seaside with their delicious softshell crab burgers. If you're just after some normal festival food, Bleecker St will be serving up their deliciously messy cheeseburgers too!

If none of those take your fancy, there are plenty of other sensational street food masters peddling their wares all weekend. With that food, though, you're going to need something to wash it down. Lucky for you, the London Brewers' Market is back again, highlighting all the incredible craft beers and ales you can find in our dear capital. A far cry from the watered down, over-priced piss water that is most festivals' lifeblood, Field Day have brought together some amazing breweries including Beavertown, The Five Points Brewing Company and East London Brewing Company.

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There's probably going to be a lot of choice but, if you're really in a bind, here are two beers that I would recommend (as long as they're being served, of course). First off is Beavertown's Neck Oil, a worryingly easy to drink IPA that does what it says on the tin really. It's a delicious session beer that goes down easily with a bit of a citrusy taste that is pretty much perfect for a festival in the sun. The second is Meantime's India Pale Ale which hits that perfect spot between bitter and sweet that all proper IPAs should hit. It's perhaps not a beer to keep you going all weekend like Neck Oil but it's a great wallop of big flavours when you need a kickstart.

For those who prefer to steer away from alcohol, The Charlatans' Tim Burgess returns with his Tim Peaks coffee. What started as a random tweet has now spiralled into a festival/gig hopping coffee juggernaut. Serving Burgess' own blend of beans, or Yorkshire tea (AKA the only tea anyone need drink if you're that way inclined), it's the perfect antidote for when you inevitably start flagging but you know you've got that amazing after party to get to later.

There's plenty to do at Field Day aside from the music. Admittedly, most of it is eating and drinking but when the selection is this good, does it really matter? There's loads of other things that will no doubt pop up over the weekend so your best bet is to just throw yourself into the festival. If you're struggling to figure out which bands to go see over the weekend, we've got you covered there too so make sure you take a look. Aren't we nice like that?

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