Field Day has become renowned for stuffing as many incredible acts as it can into one weekend. Like thrashy guitars and mosh pits? You're sorted. Enjoy weird electronic music created by faulty computers? Yep, they've got you. Want to experience something completely new just by stumbling across a tent? Oh, you're definitely going to find that here.

It's truly eclectic line-up and passion for bringing new names to the masses (with a handful of old ones thrown in for good measure), there's a reason why Field Day tends to top my Festival of the Year list most years. And with a line up like this years, it looks set to hold on to that title for at least another year. With such a jam-packed line-up, you probably need a hand trying to pick out the "Must See" bands, right? Say no more. Here are 8 acts you'd be daft to miss (unless you're too busy stuffing yourself at the incredible street food market, then I'll let you off!)

The Avalanches

If The Avalanches aren't already at the top of your "Must See" list at Field Day, I hate to tell you, but you're doing this whole thing wrong. It's been 15 years since the Australian group dropped their debut Since I Left You, an impressive and almost mythical album composed of over 3,500 vinyl samples. We've heard rumours, teases and even semi-announcements, but nothing has followed up their debut. Now they're back, teasing more new music but this time actually performing live too. So it might not all be hearsay after all. Whether you're wanting to experience these sampling masters at work, or just want to see if they are in fact real, and not some wild creation a music blogger has let spiral out of control, The Avalanches are what the term "Must See" were created for.


In the past few years, Skepta has helped roll out the red carpet for grime. He's shaken off the years of "dissastisfaction" he felt as grime became slowly swallowed up by the corporate machine and helped bring grime to even more people his own way. Whether that be finding himself on stage at the BRITs with Kanye, or having Drake signing to Boy Better Know, Skepta has found himself at the forefront of a grime renaissance. His latest album, Konnichiwa, is a powerful call to arms, to both grime itself and to what grime is standing up against. If you haven't yet explored the world of grime, let Skepta's no doubt passionate and explosive performance be the hand that opens the door for you.

Dilly Dally

This Toronto four-piece is what happens when your early 20s chew you up and spit you out. The frustration from working shit jobs, the anger of the world around you and, often, yourself comes bubbling to the surface. Dilly Dally have harnessed this to build songs that feel like a time bomb, spilling over with heavy swagger and good dose of weird humour to boot. Pixies meets Hole meets Speedy Ortiz. What more could you want?

Motor City Drum Ensemble

There ain't no party like a Motor City Drum Ensemble party because the "Ensemble" is just one guy. Danilo Plessow spent much of his life in rural Germany, and then Germany's Motor City, Stuttgart, broadening his musical horizons. The years of education has led to a completely unique sound that eschews digital production for gritty, soulful energy. It's easy to get caught in the MCDE spell, but it's not so easy to get out.


From backing singer for the likes of Kwabs and Jarvis Cocker, to a soon-to-be star in her own right, 2016 is the Year of NAO. She's already been nominated for a MOBO, featured on Disclosure's latest album and come third in the BBC Sound Of... 2016 poll, and she's still to release her debut album. With a voice that stuns, prowling around a mix of R&B and electronic beats, NAO is a captivating presence yet still so humble. This is a hype train you want to get on board.

Empress Of

There's a spark that occurs when you first listen to Lorely Rodriguez, aka Empress Of. You'll notice it. It's the sound of someone who's captured a feel so well, so driven to put this idea across to you, that you're fascinated and want to discover more. Her music is boisterous and her lyrics are razor sharp. The likes of 'Water Water' and 'Kitty Kat' land like meteors. Empress Of is guaranteed to impress so come and experience that spark for yourself.

Floating Points

Listening to Elaenia is a magical experience in and of itself. Six years into Sam Shepherd's career, all roads, from his DJing to production duties, finally reached a conclusion. Everything had been leading up to this moment. The end result is a truly beautiful album that combines electronic with jazz, classical and soul to create something that transports you to a whole other world. While, on headphones, it's a pretty reflective album, live it transforms into a whole other beast; one that wants to get you moving. It's a live experience unlike any other and one you won't want to miss.

Let's Eat Grandma

Bandy around comparisons to Lorde all you want, but Let's Eat Grandma are something else entirely. Best friends since they were small, this Norwich duo, barely out of school, feel totally special. Bewitching, playful and utterly wonderful, this is Kate Bush does dreampop. With each single, you have no idea what you should be expecting and that's a rare thing these days. One second there's a rap verse, the next you're floating above a supernatural forest. Who knows what they're going to bring to Field Day, but I for one will be there to see just what goes down.