Field Medic, the musical moniker of LA-based Kevin Patrick, has signed to Run For Cover records for the release of his new album Fade into the dawn, due out on April 19th. The first track shared from the new collection is 'henna tattoo', which Field Medic explains is:

"...a song about being afraid to speak up for fear of what the truth might be... So instead you remain in a state of unease & anxiety, because at least perpetual uncertainty isn't as bad as the imagined worst case scenario."

Although signing to Run For Cover ostensibly gives Field Music a boost, he's still making homespun music with a lo-fi aesthetic, with 'henna tattoo' being recorded on a four track recorder backed by a boombox. The sound gives us a closeness and comfort to our singer as he expresses deep wells of insecurity, and stretches out for the return of love and affection. Regardless of the discomfort that might have inspired the track, 'henna tattoo' quickly endears itself through open acoustic strums and playfully popping beats, which back up Field Medic's consternation. At the centre of the song is the titular fading 'henna tattoo', which speaks to a history of friendship and invaluable comfort that might be slipping into the past, all wrapped up in a simply adorable two-and-a-half-minute track.

Field Medic's new album Fade into the dawn can be pre-ordered here from Run For Cover ahead of its April 19th release.