Field Music have revealed another charmer from their forthcoming album, Commontime.

The swift, '80s-pop firework was crafted after Peter and David Brewis decided to cut out the outside projects and get back in the studio together. "We were consciously embracing the simplicity and directness of the pop music we love, where most of the song is in the chorus and the singing is always right at the front," David says. "I'm imagining a couple trying to get together and not quite managing it because they're a bit older and they've already built up complete lives as individuals. Their expectations of what love should be have become too byzantine to let themselves take a risk."

Recorded over the span of six months at the Wearside studio, Commontime finds the band channeling the experience from those outside projects. Included on the release is the help of Andrew Moore, the original keyboardist for the band, Peter's wife Jennie, and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Liz Corney who will be performing with the band during live sets with Kev Dosdale and Andrew Lowther.

The album can be pre-ordered via the official Field Music website or on iTunes. Online pre-orders feature a limited release 2x 180 gram green vinyl, which includes a download code and CD, and independent stores will be offering a limited edition orange vinyl.

Listen to 'Disappointed' below and check out Field Music's upcoming tour dates here.