Favourite Sunderland songwriters Field Music are on the brink of releasing their new album Open Here, and have this week revealed the opening track 'Time In Joy'. Always ones to take inspiration from the state of the world, 'Time In Joy' has a slightly more rose-tinted view of current affairs than most songs we've heard recently. A buoyant, funk-pop song replete with flutes and bells, 'Time In Joy' is a celebration of mankind's resilience in times of darkness, our ability to be happy even when it might seem there's little reason to be.

Expanding on this, singer Peter Brewis says: "People have a sort of romanticized idea of feelings that are painful or dark, that they are more meaningful, but when I’ve been through dark times, I find that there isn’t a lot of romance in that, that I function better and get more meaning out of positive experiences. With some things that have been happening personally to us recently, and obviously the things happening in the wider world, there’s a kind of defiance in playfulness, and that’s what we were trying to capture. It isn’t escapism, but it’s an attempt to confront those things with a deliberate sense of fun. Fun in the face of hardship. We set out to have a good time making this record, in spite of everything.”

Let the good times roll by listening to 'Time In Joy' below.

Field Music's new album Open Here will be released on February 2nd.