Former member of DeYarmond Edison, which featured Bon Iver, Field Report has announced his debut studio LP on Partisan Records, which is set for release on May 27th in the UK.

One of the cuts from the eponymously titled LP is 'I Am Not Waiting Anymore', which you can see the video for below.

Field Report's real name is Chris Porterfield and he recently said the following to NPR about 'I Am Not Waiting Anymore':

"It became almost a mantra for me. The song is about getting over past mistakes and circumstances, and embracing our own agency in life. We all have choices to make daily. The video treatment that Manny [Marquez, director] and his team gave it created a whole new rich narrative layer while staying true to the theme, which I feel is that, when you give your ghosts permission to stop haunting, you can take the next step forward."