Band: Fiery Furnaces Release: The End Is Near Out: 20th July Buy: Rough Trade Fiery Furnaces records are a bit like buses... err actually that's just not true, they are nothing like buses. However, after waiting for almost a year for new material from the Brooklyn duo we get two releases landing on us at near as damn the same time. Just ahead of their eighth full length LP 'I'm Going Away' Eleanor and Matt Freidberger are also offering up a new limited edition EP called 'The End Is Near' through Thrill Jockey Records and is available on 12" vinyl and download only. The EP includes 4-tracks, three of which appear on the new LP in some form and all are relatively poppy and accessible by the Fiery Furnaces pretty varied and experimental standards. The EP is melodic and catchy and damn enjoyable all round. 'Charmaine Champagne' (slowed down from the original album version) is a catchy number with a riff that would sit comfortably on a Franz Ferdinand record. 'Lost at Sea' has been cleaned up so it's suitable for audiences of all ages with a Radio Edit and 'Teddy's on Kent' is a brand new track that's otherwise unavailable. In the title track 'The End Is Near' is again nice and accessible. This definitely whets the appetite ahead of the album release and is well worth investigating. Here's a sneak peak at what you're in for with the EP and the lead track 'The End Is Near':