So the explosions have died down after fireworks night, today is especially grey and bleak and i'm still a little sleepy from staying up til 2:30am writing a proposal for my art project. But I felt nostalgic so i'm gladly sharing with you all fifteen songs from some of my favourite mixtapes made for me by some of my favourite people - namely friends. I'm aware that was poorly worded but we can ignore that can't we? Lovely. So what we have here is fifteen songs I wouldn't have heard if it weren't for the lovely people I know, and maybe you will listen to them and pass them on to your friends too. Enjoy? Fern x Click here to download the Mix Tape! Tracklist: 1. This City Limit - The Radio Dept. 2. Asleep at The Trigger - Autolux 3. Scythian Empire - Andrew Bird 4. When The Levee Breaks - Memphis Minnie 5. Travel Light - Jeffrey Lewis and Diane Cluck 6. Fire Escape - Fanfarlo 7. Red and Purple - The Dodos 8. Celebrate The Body Electric (It Came From An Angel) - Ponytail 9. The Greater Than Symbol & The Hash - Dananananakroyd 10. Ceremony - Xiu Xiu 11. The Greater Times - Electrelane 12. Hey Rabbit - Fionn Regan 13. The Light 300 - Schneider TM 14. Untitled - Mexico City 15. Some Things Last a Long Time - The Twilight Sad