This. It's called 'Unconditional' and it's by Fifty Grand, a producer from I-dunno-where who's collaborated with KLNV, a producer from Canada or something, in the second and latest in a potential string of collaborations between Fiddy G and other producers. It's regal, oh-so-regal, trailblazing over your mind with its frequently and satisfyingly arrhythmic hi-hats and snares; this acute sense of a clattering, impeccably trappish marching band spins over the top of booming kicks, giving it this lonesome supervillain-OG feel.

Palatial sounds echo icily all the way, both producers lending their coldest creative flare to the track, "KLNV" even announced as a courtly guest by a sultry whispering voice. Fifty Grand says, "Favorite thing I've made in a while." And you can kinda tell that; powerful and atmospheric, airy yet grounded, this is one beautiful collaboration, and a great illustration for intelligent beats. Oh yeah, and you can download this for free, too.