It's a simple one really. We send a band an A4 piece of paper full of questions (and instructions), they fill it in, we post it for you to have a look at. Some questions involve drawing, some involve words. Here are the questions/instructions involved:

  • Name
  • About You
  • Draw your favourite food
  • Top 5 albums of 2011?
  • Draw Your Favourite Animal
  • Draw Yourself
  • Freestyle Drawing
  • What's your favourite film and why?
  • What's the best part of your job?
  • What would your super-power be and why?
  • Draw your favourite place in the world

Today we have Young Kato, who recently released their self-titled EP through Lab Records to quite a lot of praise. We suggest you give it a listen for yourself while you check out their Fill Me In feature! (please click here to see an enlarged version.)