Seen as its National Film Week, we decided to give you something a little different on this weeks Film Roundup. Instead of listing our choices of up coming releases, we decided to compile a list of some of the coolest short films that we've come across recently. Check it out! An energetic and visually stimulating music video exploring the various destructive paths that could lead on from an action as simple as paying a check. Music: Luv Deluxe (A Million Miles From Home) by Cinnamon Chasers. ‘Goodbye to the Normals’ tells the tale of a young boy, Magnus, who has decided to leave home for the USA. Amused by his juvenile escape plans, Magnus’ parents wave him off down the street, knowing he will soon come running back… or will he? An inventive look at life in the city of opportunity, told by many people through one voice. A twist on the traditional ice-breaker. The most talked-about short documentary of the year: the ‘apology line’ is where members of the public can anonymously confess to absolutely anything, over the phone. Based on the original apology line project in New York, the apologies are uncomfortably honest, sometimes funny, occasionally shocking, but always fascinating.