That time is once again approaching, when Somerset House plays host to one of the hottest alfresco film events of the year. Film4 Summer Screen 2010 runs for eleven nights, screening movies that are classic and new, in the open air of the grand courtyard of Somerset House. There will also be a season of insider talks, discussions and special events in Behind the Screen, in collaboration with Film4 and BAFTA. The events will begin on Thursday 29th July and finish on Sunday 8th August. Although tickets for most of the film screenings have been snatched up already, there are still some available for three remaining films, which we will now run through to explain why you must not miss out. Black Narcissus Image and video hosting by TinyPic It is a rare treat to witness this intoxicating masterpiece on the big screen. Black Narcissus tells the tale of nuns who face ardent tensions in the secluded settings of the Himalayas. This is a vibrant and passionate story that will be likely to reduce you to a melodramatic wreck, screaming at Sister Ruth in the film's vicious climax. Master & Commander Image and video hosting by TinyPic Another fine work by Peter Weir, showing us British doing one of the things that we do best; being in the navy! It also shows the sometimes horrific life that come with being in navy, along with Russell Crowe bellowing in that Maximus-esque fashion making him that bit more convincing as a captain under pressure. However, the aspect that I imagine would be most worth seeing this for in the setting of Somerset House, is the fitting and captivating soundtrack, consisting mostly of Vaughan Williams' 'Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis'. Paths of Glory Image and video hosting by TinyPic A war film that I find is commonly overlooked. Thanks to Kubrick, we are able to cheer on Kirk Douglas in the First World War, as he defends a group of soldiers, unjustly put on trial and condemned to execution by the incompetent authorities. You'll experience the unfair system on which the armies operated in that time, you'll get an inkling of what the troops faced and you'll shed a tear in the scene where a woman, forced to sing for the amusement of a room full of men, eventually has them all solemnly singing along with her. Visit the Somerset House website to find out more information and book your tickets here The 405 will be along to see Kill Bill Vol. 1/Enter the Dragon and we look forward to seeing some of you!