Historically, Vienna has been a key player in the world of art and music, and it seems these days not much has changed.

Enter filous: the 20-year-old Viennese student has been experimenting music and its various genres since he was a child, always on the pursuit for that perfect sound. His project as filous was born out of his curiosity and experimentation with electronic music, starting with ‘How-To’ videos on YouTube and remixing the tracks from his favorite up-and-coming artists.

But enough with the origin story and onto the video for ‘Knots’, which features Klei.

As filous reveals, this video has been in the making for some time: "The director Tobias Pichler and I already started talking about making this video at the beginning of the year. We spent weeks brainstorming, watching movies and drinking beer! It was a long, but fun and super rewarding creative process. I am happy to say that I am incredibly excited about how this video came out and I am super thankful for all the amazingly talented people who made this video possible!”

The video for ‘Knots’ was shot in Vienna, focusing on locations scouted by a local production team that also coincided with spots significant to filous. Over filous’ electro-pop intonations and Klei’s graceful vocals, the video follows a young woman and her friend- a twine monster a la Cousin It. The video focuses on their relationship through numerous clips, showing them at their most vulnerable.

So, get lost in the video for ‘Knots’ and know that filous is a name you’ll be hearing a lot more of.