I've never been lucky, or thoughtful enough I guess, to get a ticket for Final Symphony – a world tour featuring full orchestrations of music from the Final Fantasy series. These games are not only (90% of the time) filled with engaging stories, characters you care about, plus addictive, long-haul gameplay, but also with lovingly crafted pieces of music; the man behind the sounds is composer Nobuo Uematsu.

He is now taking this globe-trotting idea, facilitated by VGM enthusiasts Merregnon Studios, to an actual real-life recording studio. Yes, that means Final Symphony will be arriving some time next year as an actual album of specifically recorded pieces from the games. You gotta have a special studio for something special like this, so he's at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. And he's working with the London Symphony Orchestra. Perfect choices.

In a statement, Uematsu said:

"It is always an honour to hear my work being performed live on stage, but in bringing Final Symphony to Abbey Road Studios I hope that many more people will now be able to enjoy the outstanding arrangements that Merregnon Studios has become famous for."

The album, featuring music from Final Fantasy VI, VII and X (the most popular games? what about VIII? V?), will arrive in early 2015. However, the first part of Final Symphony will apparently be broadcast on Classic FM closer to the release date. How cool is that? I'm not a big listener of Classic FM but I certainly will be tuning in (as they say – or do they?) to hear some music from the FF series.

Now here's half an hour of the battle theme from Final Fantasy VII.