To reiterate: 'Spooks', a song that everyone thought was a Radiohead song and no doubt still does – despite being written by the band – is not really a Radiohead song. In a tweet to Pitchfork after they wrongly reported news of the song, Jonny Greenwood corrected them thusly: "except it's really a half idea we never made work live. I rewrote it and got supergrass to play it. It's good, but not very rh!"



Here is the song re-written and re-mastered and re-whatevered, along with Joanna Newsom's awesome noir, drug-referencing narration, for the Greenwood-scored, Paul Thomas Anderson-directed Thomas Pynchon novel adaptation, Inherent Vice.

I've already said noir, but I'll say it again: it's very noir. It's filled with the kind of wonky, not ominous but eyebrow-raisingly suspicious sounds, tension-raising minimalism and unsettling melodies, that would certainly suit the kind of film this is hoping to be. 'Spooks' actually sounds like something that already exists, a piece of background music from comedy and noir-parody Bored To Death, to be exact, just with Joanna Newsom narrating over the top instead of Jason Schwartzman. Sounds good, basically.