It feels like it's been a long time coming, but then again maybe that's because I've been writing about it on-and-off for the past few weeks. But yes, today the Jonny Greenwood-selected and -created soundtrack for Thomas Pynchon novel adaptation Inherent Vice is available for streaminz in Spotify.

As well as Greenwood creations, like the reworked Radiohead "half idea"–turned–Supergrass song 'Spooks' and 'Under The Paving-Stones, The Beach!' featuring other Radiohead member and Jonny's brother Colin Greenwood, it also includes stuff by Can and Neil Young. Joanna Newsom, on narrator duty for the film, pops up with voiceovers every now and then.

You can grab it here courtesy of Nonesuch.

Listen via Spotify below.