The term “movie magic” typically refers to tricks played on film that wow an audience. Disney’s parks are imbued with their own brand of magic, but the trick that Laura Peters describes in her brand new single as Psychic Love is far subtler than a fairy godmother. Go-away green is a real paint color developed by Disney to hide less attractive elements of their parks, like garbage cans, fire hydrants, and administrative structures. Our eyes glide right over them as if they were never there. The track from Psychic Love personifies the effect.

“This is a song about the things and people hiding in plain sight. I often feel like I'm looking out from inside a body—a body, a face, a look, that is telling the world one thing, but inside I'm just you and you are me.” – Psychic Love.

You cannot force someone to see you, though Peters recognizes how tempting it is to try. On 'Go Away Green', a white noise cacophony gives way to her vocals, our anchor in this obscure storm of guitars. She creatively contrasts her loud, grunge aesthetic with images of deafening silence, which illuminates the fruitless effort of changing someone’s perspective. “My eyes are mirrors...when you look into them you see yourself instead of me.”

‘Go Away Green’ is the lead single from Psychic Love’s forthcoming record, and a tour announcement isn’t far behind; get updates by following the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.