What is the difference between our reality and imagination? You could say it’s all in the perspective, but even that can get murky. Ojai, California’s bright new dream rock group known as Radio Skies explores this and more on their new single, ‘Do You Feel’; listen to it below.

“‘Do You Feel’ is about the moments we can miss distracted inside our busy minds. We don’t seem to know what’s really going on in this world or why exactly we are here, so we have no choice but to be present, in even the most mundane of moments, especially when we get to share them with each other.’ – Daniel Wright

Radio Skies explores many philosophical quandaries on their forthcoming debut LP, and ‘Do You Feel’ questions existence. Discourse often relies on a spectrum of good and evil, but before we can determine morality, we must know what is real. Frontman Daniel Wright sings of other dichotomies that may aid in the search for clarity: reality and dream; heaven and earth; and stillness and time. Ultimately, though, our connections to people we love are what color our world. “Sing to me that great old song,” Wright demands, “that you found in my record collection.”

‘Do You Feel’ appears on Double Life, Radio Skies’ forthcoming debut LP that confronts all of our many identities, especially the ones that appear subconsciously. You can pre-order it on Bandcamp. Follow the band on Facebook and Instagram.