Discovery. A landmark album by Daft Punk. The name of the duo and LP by Rostam and Wesley Miles (of Ra Ra Riot). And the leading cause of existential crises for many other musicians. Today, we’ll reflect upon the journey of Isla Craig.

The Toronto-based artist’s new record is called The Becoming, and encompasses ideas of self-discovery, curious exploration, and reckoning. Craig has collaborated with many artists, including Jennifer Castle, the Cosmic Range, and Owen Pallett, and is a past member of U.S. Girls. Many other artists also contributed to her 12-track effort due out this Friday, including Jeremy Costello, Ivy Mairi, and The Weather Station’s Tamara Lindeman. There is a palpable touch of nature too, with Craig having tracked vocals at Wildlife Sanctuary Sound, a studio located in the woods north of Toronto.

The Becoming unfolds as you listen. After a sighing introduction, the title track takes your hand and leads into an unknown, promising to stay close without giving any indication of where we’re going. But at the very least, we’re not alone. Craig’s voice rings out self-assuredly, even when she speaks of uncertainty, as on 'Out of a Dream'. When imagery of water and fire comes into conflict, led by deliberate organ hums and tambourine hits, Craig chooses to focus on the tangible: solid, living ground and transient ash.

A poignant childhood recording ('I’m Lost') leads into a song that finds solace in a lack of understanding. “You can prepare for the storm,” Craig says of 'Faraway Blue', “but it has a trajectory that you cannot change.” Knowing yourself is the only way to move forward in the face of such chaos, but in the very next track, 'Who Am I', Craig questions herself. This is possibly the most exquisite and revealing part of the album, unravelling in some way exactly who she is in that moment. A cappella harmonies lift her overarching melodies reaching some modicum of freedom, fleeting as it may be. Once the drums drop in, there is a newfound confidence that reaches past the back half of the record, finding a way into the soul of her “becoming,” as both the physical album as well as her own sense of self. May it resonate with yours, too.

Pre-order The Becoming on Bandcamp. Follow Isla Craig on Facebook and Twitter.