Beaty Heart are awesome. We got to know them a bit better when they finished us off. Read the results below:

    1. Hi, we are... Beaty Heart.
    2. We are... all 22.
    3. We're currently living... near Peckham, in a place called Nunhead. It sounds pretty dry but it's nice.
    4. In three words, we would describe our music as... saturated, oily and percussive.
    5. 'The best song ever written' is... an impossible question to answer but James' fave song right now though is 'Kinich Ahau' by Flamingods (he says this band is maybe the best band he's seen in ages); Josh's is 'Mercy Mercy Me' by Marvin Gaye; Charlie's is 'Maxwell's O' by Clout!
    6. In ten years' time, new music will sound like... everything else.
    7. Music is... good.
    8. If I could play any instrument (that I can't play already), I would play... the church organ - those things are fucking nuts.
    9. If I could collaborate with anyone, it would be... Roy Orbison - the guy had an insane voice and wrote the best tunes.
    10. You should take time to listen to our music, because... although some of it is a bit shit, some of it is okay and the okay bits are really enjoyable. You can then go out and a mix or buy a record and enjoy it more. That would mean we have more money to buy shit with, like Country Crisp.
    11. In less than 140 characters, here is our closing statement: Bye now.

By the way, Beaty Heart have put up a brand new brilliant mixtape on Soundcloud and we just listened to it and it is so great - you should listen to it too! We embedded the widget below for your ease and convenience: