This is the first part of a feature series we'll be running this week. The 405 has picked a handful of bands we like at the moment, and asked them to end the sentences we started for them - a sort of personality quiz like the one's you'd fill out when you were fourteen and post in a MySpace bulletin, only this consists of a mere twelve questions and won't ask you what colour knickers you're wearing. Responses to come include a pinch of tongue-in-cheek humour and a punch of the darned ridiculous, but for now we start the week with the most mature answers we could wrangle out of anyone. Introducing: a very talented lady musician who goes by the name of Bluebell. She is also quite witty. See below for evidence:

    1. Hello! My name is... Annabel Jones of BLUEBELL
    2. I am... 23... years old
    3. I come from... Hampshire.
    4. In three words, I would describe our music as... truthful, pop, with brains. And a heart. That's four. And Balls. Five. Sorry....
    5. The best song ever written is... woah there! I can't answer this!?
    6. In my spare time, I like to... write, make things, read, cook, do Yoga. Because apparently I'm 100 years old.
    7. In ten years' time, new music will sound like... I think music will always be a mirror of the human soul and experience. That kind of answers the question.
    8. Music is... for me, a life source.
    9. If I could play any instrument (that I can't play already), I would play... any instrument I can play, but well.
    10. If I could collaborate with anyone, it would be... today, Linda Perry of The Four Non Blondes.
    11. You should take time to listen to my music, because... I have filled it with subliminal messages and if you don't my plan isn't going to work.
    12. In less than 140 characters, here is my closing statement:
    Thank you for sticking with me..

    Annabel xx