Flowers and Sea Creatures have a go at finishing off our little questionnaire. Read some bits and bobs about them below, and then listen to their music because it is nice.

    1. Hello! Our names are... Graham Baxter & Kosta Megalos.
    2. We are in... our seventies.
    3. We come from... Belfast and Athens originally, and moved to Montreal when we were kids.
    4. In three words, we would describe our music as... experimental, electronic, sing-songs.
    5. The best song ever written is... 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face'
    6. In our spare time, we like to... write music.
    7. In ten years' time, new music will sound like... old David Bowie.
    8. Music is... the food of love.
    9. If we could play any instrument (that we can't play already), we would play... piano (Graham) & bagpipes (Kosta).
    10. If we could collaborate with anyone, it would be... Marvin Gaye (Graham) & Giorgio Moroder (Kosta).
    11. You should take time to listen to our music, because... it will relax you, then make you dance, then make you relax once more.
    12. In less than 140 characters, here is our closing statement: Hello. After much hard work our album is complete. We hope you enjoy it. Please remember to kiss those you love every day. See you soon. G&K

Flowers and Sea Creatures' record is out next month. The pair will play live at The Nest in Dalston on 9th September (this Friday). Go to their website to find out more.