Ronika makes pure, unadulterated D-I-S-C-O music. She is sexy, her music is sexy, and she likes 'Careless Whisper'. Find out more (or less) about her by reading this week's Finish Me Off survey below:

    1. Hello! My name is… Ronika.
    2. I am… 405 years old.
    3. I come from… Nottingham, the Universe.
    4. In three words, I would describe my music as… unavoidable party time.
    5. The best song ever written is… coming soon.
    6. In my spare time, I like to… perform open heart surgery while blindfolded.
    7. In ten years' time, new music will sound like… the music of ten years ago.
    8. Music is… my super best friend.
    9. If I could play any instrument (that I can't play already), I would play… the saxophone, just for Careless Whisper.
    10. If I could collaborate with anyone, it would be... Prince.
    11. You should take time to listen to my music, because… otherwise nobody is leaving here alive.
    12. In less than 140 characters, here is my closing statement: I love you.

Watch the new video for Ronika's 'In The City' here. Catch her playing live at Hoxton Bar & Grill on September 21st.