Old friends and collaborators from Helsinki, producers Jaakko Eino Kalevi and Long-Sam, have reconvened to bring back their Man Duo moniker, ahead of a long overdue second album. Orbit promises to push the partnership's chemistry into new realms that touch on classic squelchy 90s rave sounds and more chilled out wind-down synths. These new developments come after a half decade of furthering and broadening their sound and scope, between them having put out a clutch of releases on labels like Domino and Beats In Space.

Orbit will arrive on 18th August via Kaya Kaya and Solina Records. The first taste of it comes in the shape of 'What If It Falls', which really shows off the multi-faceted nature of Man Duo's sound. On the one level we have the underlying crunch of the beat, while on top we have the delicate human vocal and lyrics. It makes the duo hard to pigeonhole, and makes you realise that the combination of these two versatile creators forms quite a formidable whole. Listen to 'What If It Falls' below, or buy/stream it on your favourite platform on this link. Check out the track list for Orbit beneath, and keep your eyes on The 405 for more news from Man Duo.

Orbit track list:

1. One Formula
2. Ile's Dream
3. The Middle feat. Sean Nicholas Savage
4. What If It Falls
5. Tanyan Teema
6. Unter Vier Augen
7. Vanessa
8. The Boss