Meet Fins a Luminous. Taking their name from a line in Syd Barrett's 1970 song 'Terrapin', this British duo seems set to make some waves this year as they take to the internet with four tracks and a freshly forged Twitter account. With crisp, clear production and attention-grabbing vocals, these songs appear as mature developments would for any long-established act – meaning they've already taken a few large strides in the right direction. Indeed, they're already tickling ears that matter, this particular song, 'Doorway', having been played on BBC 6 Music a couple of days ago.

'Doorway' thumps along with a rich piano-accompanied rumble, led by the lyric charge of "Hide us from the real world…" Oddly funky bass twangs out from the occasional techno-themed synth arpeggios, gentle piano melodies twinkling in the seemingly thick darkness of the track, as the vocals harmonise in lush layers and delayed guitar rises up from the depths. A keen ear for composition shows itself in the outro's changes, with even the vocals reverting to something more spectral and unreal as they swoop through the doorway leading away the actual world.

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