Fionn Regan has announced he'll be releasing the follow up to 2011's 100 Acres of Sycamore on January.

The Bunkhouse Vol. I: Anchor Black Tattoo will be released on January 28th 2013, and features Salt & Cloves, which you can hear below.

"I made the record here by myself with a 4-track and one microphone. I did quite a bit of touring on my own earlier this year supporting Feist and although the rooms were big, I felt very much at home on the stage and after that I had a strong instinct to get right down to the brass tacks, back to the essense of what is it that I do as a songwriter, so that’s what I’ve done. You can call it folk but I feel in a lot of ways it’s like an Irish punk album, in that it’s pure, it’s stripped down, and it was made with just what I have at my disposal. Recording in this way also allowed me to work very quickly, I was documenting as I was writing, so these songs feel very fresh to me, straight out of the ground, which is a really great feeling."